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NATIONAL : Carpat Trophy 2004 - the Chronic of a Promised Victory - 06 June 2004 - 07:54
Off-road in Romania

The 9th edition of CARPAT TROPHY Adventure Challenge ended with the obvious victory of the Bulgarian team Plamen Yotsov/Traian Traianov - Toyota L/C 70, winners of the previous edition too. The tracking competitors, Giovanni Marafan/Thomas Tonicello - Suzuki Samurai (Italy) and Tudor Dranga/Costica Catanet - Mitsubishi Pajero (RO) did not succeed to threaten the first place just for one moment.

The overall fine weather provided the necessary rain, mud and snow.

Good food and lot of drinks - thanks to the sponsor JIDVEI, the first winemaker in Transsylvania - were supplied by the very valuable logistics.

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