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NATIONAL : ERC: Rally Bulgaria - Entry List - 15 June 2004 - 15:07

There are 76 crews included in the final start list of the 35th Rally Bulgaria in Borovetz. Out of them Bruno Thiry /Belgium/ is a FIA A driver and FIA B drivers are: Simon Jean Joseph /France/, Luca Pedersoli /Italy/, Leszek Kuzaj /Poland/, Dimitar Iliev /Bulgaria/ and Miroslav Jandik /Czech Republic/.

Out of the official program of the rally:

Reconnaissance: start Tuesday June 15th 2004 at 9.00h
end - Wednesday June 16th 2004 at 19.00h
Shakedown: Thursday June 17th 2004 ftom 12.00 to 17.00h at Jastrebetz hotel
Srutineering: Friday June 18th 2004 from 08.00 to 12.30h at the parking of Rila hotel at the entry of Borovetz
Date of the pre-rally press conference: Friday June 18th 2004 at 13.30h, Rila hotel
Publication of the list of crews eligible to take the start: Friday June 18th 2004 at
17.30h, Rila Hotel
Starting date of the rally:Friday June 18th at 19.01h, Rila hotel

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