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—¬Ň“ő¬Õ» : ERC: Ypres Rally, Belgium - 04 July 2004 - 11:52
Bruno Thiry "One valuable point for the championship"

Bruno Thiry and Nicolas Gilsoul brought their Citroen C2 Super 1600 home in 8th position at the end of this 40th edition of the Westhoek Rally.

"Of course I would have loved to bring home more than 1 championship point, explains Bruno immediately after the finish of the race. But nevertheless, I am quite satisfied with my race. We made much progress in the development of the C2. Let's face it : the car is still very young, and is the youngest of all the Super 1600's that started here in the Westhoek. The car has an enormous potential and it will be our job to get the best out of this superb C2. This race was in fact a three days test session and we got a lot of information.

Today, we concentrated on adjusting the height level of the car. Immediately we improved our stage times which proves that we were looking into the right direction. It was very nice to score the scratch in the final stage, which brings the C2's scratch tally to 2 units : the one in Bulgaria and now the second one here. But Rome hasn't been built in one dayÖ so we'll have to keep on focussing on the development work. The car's reaction on bumpy roads needs much improvement."

Summer holidays have meanwhile started, but Thiry and his co-driver Gilsoul will have to put their holiday plans on hold: end of July they'll have to defend their European title chances in Madeira. End of August awaits a new challenge : the Barum Rally in the Czech Republic.

Press release
Kronos Racing [05/07/04 - 17:01]

Ypres Rally : final results

1† COLS-GODDE††††††††††††† Renault Clio Super 1600† 2h56'00"6
2† BIJVELDS-BIJVELDS†††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 1'33"2
3† BOUCHE-MELIN††††††††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 2'39"4
4† JEAN-JOSEPH-BOYERE††††† Renault Clio Super 1600† at† 2'41"0
5† SNIJERS-SOENENS†††††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 2'41"7
6† CASIER-MISCLOTTE††††††† Fiat Punto Super†††††††† at† 3'12"1
7† BRUYNEEL-MEERT††††††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 3'20"1
8† THIRY-GILSOUL†††††††††† Citroen C2 Super†††††††† at† 3'23"7
9† VAN DE WAUWER-BUYSMANS† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 5'55"6
10 PEDERSOLI-VERNUCCIO†††† Peugeot 306 Maxi†††††††† at† 6'03"2
11 COLSOUL-BEAUPREZ††††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 6'19"3
12 MANNESSIER-GORCZYCA†††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 7'11"6
13 VANNESTE-SQUEDIN††††††† CitroŽn Saxo Kit Car†††† at† 7'37"1
14 BONFILS-TORNIOL†††††††† Peugeot 306 Maxi†††††††† at† 9'46"8
15 SNAET-DEPLANCKE†††††††† Mitsubishi Lancer††††††† at† 9'56"1

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