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. bg ski news : Interview with Edi Reichhart, Technical Director of the Bulgarian National Alpine Ski Team - 01 June 2005 - 15:26 interviewed Mr. Reichhart who has recently been named the Technical Director of Alpine Skiing for the Bulgarian National Alpine Ski Team.

Edi Reichhart has touched all the basis, from coaching in his home program in Germany in the late eighties, to the Europa Cup and World Cup circuits in the early nineties as he coached the women's "A" German National alpine ski team.

Describe your early years in your sport. Did you compete first? When did you switch to coaching and why?

Edi Reichhart: I’ve been skiing since when I was 3 years old. Then I’ve continued on to train and to race on the kids team. As a junior I’ve won the German National GS Championships twice. Between 1978-84 I’ve competed on the Europe cup and the World cup as my best result was 13 place in the overall FIS GS ranking list.

What is about sports and competition that you like?

Edi Reichhart: To reach different goals. Mostly ski racing is a sport which is measured by the best time.

What are the most important factors that contributed to your coaching success to date?

Edi Reichhart: Improving athletes’ goals and technique; the hard work coming from athletes and coaches; building a good team; working in a team environment.

What is your idea of a good ski team?

Edi Reichhart: Everyone on the team works in a well coordinated and flexible manner. Also athletes take their chances and measurable risks.

What would you say the role of the parents should be in training process?

Edi Reichhart: The role of the parents is very important. They help and support the athletes in achieving their personal goals, to make them believe in themselves and trust their coach.

What made you choose to come to Bulgaria and to coach the Bulgarian National Alpine Ski Team?

Edi Reichhart: The opportunity that I was given by the new management of the Bulgarian ski federation to work with the Bulgarian athletes.

What do we need to produce better athletes in Bulgaria?

Edi Reichhart: Harder and smarter work both from coaches and athletes, setting their goals higher and making believe they could reach those goals. The first step is to understand that winning gold medals today is down to the quality of an athlete’s physical and mental preparation, not the quantity of training.

What makes a great coach?

Edi Reichhart: The great coach is a leader competent and knowledgeable about skiing, a really hardworking organizer, good motivator, communicator and teamwork player, who’s able to build an excellent training and competitive environment.

What is your routine on a competition day? What should role of the coach be at the start?

Edi Reichhart: Get the athletes in the “zone” to be able to give a 100% while skiing on course.

If you could change anything in your sport what would it be?

Edi Reichhart: Ski more SG than DH events for women because it’s too hard to handle the mental pressure and speed.

What advise do you have for young athletes?

Edi Reichhart: Lots of free skiing, have fun and ski all kinds of terrains to develop a broad base and to establish those essential fundamentals.

How can we get more athletes into our sport?

Edi Reichhart: Promote the sport and make people believe in its social value.

What is your hobby?

Edi Reichhart: To play golfing, tennis, bike riding and windsurfing.

What do you like about Bulgaria?

Edi Reichhart: Well, unfortunately I haven’t been able to travel in Bulgaria yet. But for now I like the Bulgarian unique “Shopska Salad”, Bansko as a town and skiing in Bansko.

What do you dislike about Bulgaria?

Edi Reichhart: I’ve noticed that people always talk about the “Bulgarian mentality”. In the skiing circuit there is no place for any mentality.

Which is your favorite ski resort in the world?

Edi Reichhart: I’d have to say S. Moritz in Switzerland.

Any words to the skiing fans who read

Edi Reichhart: Enjoy skiing and keep on checking out regularly all the interesting news and updates posted in

Congratulations on your new position and Good Luck with your future endeavors!, May 2005

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