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774)b_m tinh tr_ng v_o nang no_n
S_ng l_c tr__c sinh l_ g_?
S_ng l_c tr__c sinh l_ c_c lo_i th_m kh_m, x_t nghi_m m_ b_n ___c b_c s_
ch_ __nh ho_c b_n c_ th_ l_a ch_n l_m trong khi mang

S_ng l_c tr__c sinh bao g_m:

C_c lo_i x_t nghi_m s_ng l_c di truy_n __ x_c __nh em b_ c_
nguy c_ m_c m_t s_ b_nh l_ hay c_c th_t th__ng v_ s_ l__ng nhi_m s_c th_ nh_ h_i ch_ng Down hay kh_ng.
Nh_m x_t nghi_m n_y th__ng ___c b_c s_
ch_ __nh cho b_n l_m _ qu_ 1 ( 3 th_ng __u)
ho_c qu_ 2 ( 3 th_ng gi_a) thai k_ th_ d_ nh_ Double test, Triple
test, NIPT C_c x_t nghi_m n_y ch_ __a ra
nguy c_ m_c, kh_ng c_ gi_ tr_ ch_n _o_n. Tr__ng
h_p k_t qu_ nh_n ___c l_ nguy c_ cao, thai ph_ s_ ___c tham m_u l_ c_c x_t nghi_m ch_n _o_n x_c __nh nh_ ch_c _i hay
sinh thi_t gai rau.

Nh_m x_t nghi_m th_ng th__ng kh_c __ x_c __nh c_c
b_nh l_ c_ th_ _nh h__ng __n s_c kh_e c_a thai ph_, thai
k_, em b_ nh_ nghi_m ph_p dung n_p ___ng huy_t __ x_c __nh b_nh l_ ti_u ___ng thai k_

C_c x_t nghi_m kh_c trong tr__ng h_p thai ph_ c_ nguy c_ cao t_
d_: test s_ng l_c nguy c_ ti_n s_n gi_t,

Si_u _m h_nh th_i thai nhi ph_t hi_n d_ t_t
thai nhi v_o c_c m_c quan tr_ng t_i tu_n 12, 22,
33 thai k_.

Trong b_i n_y ch_ng t_i s_ n_i k_ v_ c_c ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c sinh.
Theo c_c th_y thu_c s_n khoa, s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c sinh n_n ___c ti_n h_nh _ qu_ c_c n_ gi_i mang thai.

__c bi_t l_ nh_m __n b_ mang thai c_ nguy c_
cao nh_ __n b_ ngo_i 35 tu_i, __n b_ t_ng b_ s_y thai,
s_c kh_e y_u, gia __nh c_ ti_n s_ d_ t_t di truy_n, v.v.

C_c ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c
th_c hi_n s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c sinh b_y ch_ c_ r_t nhi_u ph__ng ph_p ph_ bi_n. M_i ph__ng
ph_p l_i c_ nh_ng _u th_ ri_ng trong vi_c __nh gi_ nguy c_ c_a em b_ .
C_c ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c ph_ th_ng c_ th_ k_ __n nh_:
Double Test, Triple Test, NIPT, v.v

Ph__ng ph_p x_t nghi_m Double Test, __y l_ ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c ph_i h_p k_t qu_ x_t
nghi_m m_u c_a m_ v_ c_c d_u hi_u tr_n Si_u _m gi_p __a ra nguy c_
m_c m_t s_ b_t th__ng v_ s_ l__ng nhi_m
s_c th_ c_a thai nhi nh_: c_c h_i ch_ng Down,
h_i ch_ng

Patau, h_i ch_ng Edward, __y l_ nh_ng h_i ch_ng m_ em b_ c_ kh_ n_ng s_ng sau sinh nh_ng s_ ch_m ph_t tri_n v_ tr_ tu_ v_ k_m c_c d_ t_t b_m sinh t_i c_c c_ quan.

Th_ hai, l_ ph__ng ph_p x_t nghi_m Triple Test, __y c_ng l_ ph__ng ph_p
x_t nghi_m m_u ph_ qu_t trong s_ng l_c tr__c
sinh. Ph__ng ph_p ___c l_m v_o tu_n th_ 16 c_a thai k_, Triple test
__nh gi_ nguy c_ c_a thai nhi m_c m_t
s_ h_i ch_ng nh_ Down, Edward, Patau v_ d_ t_t
h_ _ng t_m th_n.

Th_ ba, l_ ph__ng ph_p x_t nghi_m NIPT, __y l_ ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c c_c th_t th__ng v_ s_
l__ng th_ nhi_m s_c c_a thai nhi ___c cho l_ ___ng __i nh_t
hi_n hay v_i nhi_u _u th_ v__t tr_i. Theo __, ph__ng ph_p NIPT c_ th_ x_c __nh 99% c_c
y_u t_ b_t th__ng v_ nhi_m s_c th_
v_ gen di truy_n _ng chu_n ph_n t_ch ADN.

t_i sao c_n l_m s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c sinh?

S_ng l_c tr__c sinh 3 S_ng l_c tr__c sinh v_ nh_ng _i_u m_ b_u c_n bi_t

S_ng l_c tr__c sinh mang __n nhi_u _ch l_i thi_t th_c

d_ r_ng c_ nh_ng _ch kh_n c_ng thi_t th_c song b_y gi_ nhi_u
m_ b_u v_n b_n kho_n c_ n_n l_m s_ng l_c thai nhi tr__c sinh hay kh_ng.
Tr_n th_c t_ c_ nhi_u l_ do __ c_c m_ b_u n_n v_ c_n l_m s_ng l_c di truy_n tr__c sinh.

__ b_ c_ s_c kh_e th_ ch_t v_ tinh th_n t_t nh_t
Trong khi __ __i v_i tr__ng h_p tr_ c_ nguy c_ b_ d_ t_t cao ___c sinh
ra, nh_ nh_ng k_t qu_ kh_m s_ng l_c
m_ th_y thu_c c_ th_ __a ra nh_ng l_i khuy_n t_t nh_t cho b_ m_.
T_ __, __ c_ nh_ng bi_n ph_p hi_u
qu_ nh_m c_i thi_n s_c kh_e v_
t_o _i_u ki_n ph_t tri_n cho tr_ m_t c_ch th_ng th__ng trong t__ng lai.

Do __ s_ng l_c tr__c sinh c_ _ ngh_a quan tr_ng gi_p tr_ sau sinh c_
___c s_c kh_e th_ ch_t v_ tinh th_n t_t

__ b_c m_ y_n t_m su_t thai k_

H_n h_t, s_ng l_c thai nhi tr__c sinh mang __n s_
y_n t_m cho b_ m_ su_t thai k_. Vi_c
m_ b_u c_ ___c t_m l_ _n __nh s_ b_o __m cho thai
nhi ph_t tri_n trong _i_u ki_n t_t nh_t.

th_i _i_m t_t nh_t __ l_m s_ng
l_c tr__c sinh
Ti_n h_nh s_ng l_c thai nhi tr__c sinh mu_n c_
hi_u qu_ c_n __m b_o __ng th_i _i_m l_m
x_t nghi_m. Tr_n th_c t_, m_i ph__ng ph_p s_ c_ m_t th_i kh_c
ph_ h_p, cho k_t qu_ ch_nh x_c nh_t.

ch_n _o_n tr__c sinh 2 S_ng l_c tr__c sinh
v_ nh_ng _i_u m_ b_u c_n bi_t

M_i ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c c_ th_i kh_c
th_c hi_n kh_c nhau

tr__c ti_n, v_i ph__ng ph_p x_t nghi_m
Double Test n_n ___c th_c hi_n trong tu_i thai nhi ___c t_ 11 13 tu_n tu_i, th_i _i_m t_t
nh_t l_ tu_n th_ 12. Vi_c th_c hi_n x_t nghi_m Double Test
v_o __ng th_i _i_m t_t nh_t, gi_p vi_c ph_t
hi_n h_i ch_ng Trisomy 13 g_y s_t m_i, h_ h_m, c_ k_t qu_
ch_n _o_n chu_n x_c cao nh_t.

Ti_p __n, v_i ph__ng ph_p x_t nghi_m Triple Test ___c b_c s_ khuy_n c_o
n_n th_c h_nh trong giai _o_n t_ 15 22 tu_n tu_i c_a thai nhi, th_i _i_m t_t nh_t
l_ khi thai nhi ___c 16 18 tu_n tu_i. N_u x_t nghi_m Triple Test ___c th_c hi_n v_o th_i
_i_m t_t nh_t s_ cho ra ___c nh_ng ch_n _o_n x_c th_c v_ c_c d_ t_t
h_ tr_ng __n b_t th__ng c_a th_ nhi_m s_c,
nh_t l_ d_ t_t _ng t_m th_n.

__i v_i ph__ng ph_p NIPT x_t nghi_m s_ng l_c tr__c sinh kh_ng x_m
l_n, th_i kh_c t_t nh_t __ th_c hi_n l_ t_ tu_n thai th_ 10.
__y l_ ___c coi l_ ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c
thai nhi tr__c sinh v__t tr_i v_ th_i k_ c_ th_ th_c hi_n s_m v_ ph_t hi_n ___c nhi_u lo_i h_i ch_ng d_
t_t b_m sinh h_n c_c ph__ng ph_p kh_c.

Ngo_i vi_c t_m hi_u nh_ng th_ng tin c_ b_n v_ s_ng
l_c tr__c sinh, c_c m_ b_u c_n c_n __c bi_t ch_ _ __n c_c __a ch_ __ th_c h_nh c_c x_t nghi_m.
gi_, ngo_i c_c b_nh vi_n ph_ s_n l_n, s_ng l_c thai nhi tr__c sinh ho_n to_n c_ th_ ___c th_c
h_nh m_t c_ch hi_u qu_, an to_n t_i c_c ph_ng kh_m s_n khoa uy t_n.

V_i h_ng ng_ b_c s_, k_ thu_t vi_n c_ chuy_n m_n cao,
gi_u kinh nghi_m, Eile Clinic __m b_o th_c h_nh c_c ph__ng ph_p s_ng l_c tr__c sinh b_ng c_c k_ thu_t
t_n ti_n nh_t. T_ __, Eile Clinic gi_p c_c m_ b_u
d_ d_ng ph_t hi_n s_m c_c d_ t_t _ thai nhi c_ th_ c_ v_ __a ra nh_ng l_i khuy_n b_ _ch gi_p m_ b_u c_ nh_ng bi_n ph_p s_n s_c hi_u qu_ trong su_t thai k_.
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771)my blog
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