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04 June 2004 - 16:18
The new BMW 1 Series to fly through Eastern Europe
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Long before the new BMW 1 Series will appear on the roads, il will already have travelled several thousand kilometers - through the air. The largest passanger airship in the world with the BMW 1 Series on board will be touring 9 Eastern European countries.

75 years ago with the BMW 3/15, BMW launched a unique success story as an automobile manufacturer with worldwide renown. The year 1929 marked a further milestone in the history of mobility: The Zeppelin airship "LZ 127" travelled around the world on a 35,000 kilometer route.

Today, in the year 2004, BMW take up these historic events and combine them in a unique happening: the BMW Transeuropean Tour 2004. The largest passenger airship in the world, the Zeppelin NT, is advertising a new milestone in the history of challenging BMW automobiles, the new BMW 1 Series.

In the autumn of 2004 BMW will unveil for the very first time a compact class automobile - the BMW 1 Series. The typical BMW drive concept, powerful engines, high-grade equipment and the experience of sheer driving pleasure offer a new and unique alternative in the vehicle class.

The dates for this unusual preview premiere are:

Prague (Czechia) 03.05.-05.05.2004
Bratislava (Slovakia) 08.05.-12.05.2004
Ljubliana (Slovenia) 14.05.-15.05.2004
Zagreb (Croatia) 21.05.-23.05.2004
Belgrade (Serbia) 27.05.-30.05.2004
Sofia (Bulgaria) 01.06.-05.06.2004
Plovdiv (Bulgaria) 07.06.-07.06.2004
Istanbul (Turkey) 10.06.-18.06.2004
Burgas (Bulgaria) 22.06.-22.06.2004
Constanta (Romania) 26.06.-27.06.2004
Bucuresti (Romania) 28.06.-03.07.2004
Odessa (Ukraine) 03.07.-05.07.2004
Kiev (Ukraine) 07.07.-14.07.2004
Lviv (Ukraine) 19.07.-21.07.2004

Unmistakably different unmistakably BMW.
Even at first sight you see in the unmistakable appearance of the new BMW 1 Series the characteristic proportions of BMW's distinctive, modern design style: a long bonnet, a long wheelbase with short overhangs and coup„I-like lines. This in itself demonstrates the uniqueness of the new BMW1 Series within its class. And with familiar but newly interpreted design elements such as the upright double kidney grille and the large double headlamps, our designers have created a face which not only comes across as open and likable but which also stands apart from the anonymous masses.

Good-looking and practical too.
Take your seat. There are enough to choose from. The new BMW 1 Series will surprise you with a very modern and generous interior for this class of vehicle. But do not miss the amazing versatility of the interior, which predestines the new BMW 1 Series for all kinds of everyday uses. As a fivedoor vehicle with many practical storage facilities and a load volume of 300 litres Ѓг extendible to 1,100 litres thanks to an asymmetrically folding rear seatback Ѓг it is an ideal companion for every conceivable activity relating to work, family and leisure.


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