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World Rally Championship
FIA /WRC/ 2004
23-25.01 Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo JWRC (Super1600) site  Monaco
05-08.02 Uddeholm Swedish Rally Production site  Sweden
12-14.03 Corona Rally Mexico Production site Mexico
16-18.04 Propecia Rally of New Zealand Production site  New Zealand
14-16.05 Cyprus Rally   site  Cyprus
04-06.06 Acropolis Rally JWRC (Super1600) site Greece
25-27.06 Rally of Turkey JWRC (Super1600) site Turkey
16-18.07 Rally Argentina Production site  Argentina
06-08.08 Neste Rally Finland JWRC (Super1600) site  Finland
20-22.08 Adac Rallye Deutschland Production site  Germany
03-05.09 Rally Japan   site Japan
17-19.09 Wales Rally of Great Britain * JWRC (Super1600) site  Great Britain
01-03.10 Rallye Sardigna - Rallye d'Italia JWRC (Super1600) site  Italy
15-17.10 Tour de Corse - Rallye de France Production site France
29-31.10 Rallye Catalunya - Rally de Espana JWRC (Super1600) site Spain
12-14.11 Telstra Rally Australia Production site  Australia
* Subject to the receipt of a satisfactory report regarding the safety of roads in South Wales.
Cross-Country World Championship
FIA 4x4 cross-country 2004
11-14.03 Italian baja T1 T2 site  Italy
02-11.04 Rallye International de Tunisie T1 T2 info Tunisia
06-09.05 Baja Vodafone 1000 T1 T2 info  Portugal
01-06.06 Rallye Orpi Maroc T1 T2 info Morocco
15-18.07 Baja Espana T1 T2 T4 site Spain
07-15.08 Rallye d'Orient T1 T2 site Turkey
15-21.09 Por las pampas Rally T1 T2 T4 info  Argentina
11-15.10 UAE Desert Challenge T1 T2 site UAE
TAG HEUER timing systems
Nissan Patrol ( )
Toyota Land Cruiser ( )
Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - - ()
PORSCHE Cayenne ( )
VOLKSWAGEN Audi Magellan ( )
Ironman Load Plus helper spring system
IRONMAN Suspensions 4x4
AUTO XT a 2002-2004
AUTO XT a 2002-2004
Gumball 3000 !
6- 2011
33 24-
Pirelli European Grand Prix

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