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25 July 2004 - 20:39
Rally Hebros - The Winner is Krum Dontchev
Rally Hebros 2004, East ERC - coeff.5
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The Winner is Krum Dontchev!

Local driver Krum Dontchev won the Rally Hebros 2004, bulgarian leg of East European Rally Championship with coeff. 5. At the wheel of his Peugeot 306 Maxi, Dontchev took the lead in the beginning of the event and lost first palce in just 3 special stages from 18 total.

The prognoses of Vladimir Iliev (lecturer at the National Sports Academy, “Auto-Moto” subject, multiple ex-champion of Bulgaria for the “Hebros” Rally) before the rally

The Hebros Rally is the best Bulgarian rally with exceptionally technical and spectacular special stages. It gives the best conditions of life to its participants. Bearing in mind the long-year experience of the sports public of Plovdiv, I expect one perfect in every way competition. I do not know any of the foreign participants but I do hope that they will be comparable in class to our competitors. An indisputable leader is No 2 - Krum Dontchev who is also leading the national championship rankings by this moment. Acknowledging the qualities of Peugeot 306 Maxi, I think that if Krum does not win over himself, there is no one else who can do it. The other participant in the A group is Jasen Popov, but in the situation he is now, I think that he will stake on finishing safely and will not aim at the optimal results. Yanakiev Jr. will do his best to keep him under pressure. The most interesting competition will be in the N group – the champion Ivan Marinov will have one more chance to defend his title. Georgi Geradjiev will be eager to prove his abilities in front of the audience in his native Plovdiv. Dancho Danchev is more and more getting used to his “Subaru” and after his second place in Shumen, he will try to win in his group. They all will have to watch out the results of Hristo Stoilov and Georgi Tanev. Of course, talking about our crew is the most difficult task for me. I dare to say that Dimitar Iliev regains his good shape from the previous years and if someone else wants to win this rally, he will need to beat him first.

What Happened on the Scrutineering

According to the preliminary list of applications 52 crews were to appear at the scrutineering. However, only 40 appeared in front of the competent technical board under the chairmanship of eng. Dimitar Aliokov, with 4 automobiles having turbo compressors. The board noticed slight irregularities in the “Fiat Palio” automobiles. On the cars’ bonnets their former owners have put additional air ducts, not responding to their homologation slips. These ducts turn an additional air stream to the air vents and improve the filling of the engine .The crews have been warned and are expected to eliminate the irregularities by the end of the day.

Regarding the 12 other crews which had applied but did not appear, the organizators have the right to notify FIA, which, on its part, as a supreme agency in the automobile sport, is in its right to impose a fine equal to 150 Swiss franks on the crews in favor of the organizator.

The 33rd Hebros Rally started

The 33rd Hebros Rally started. Forty crews passed under the start arch. Unfortunately, at the very first stage Nikolay Paunov dropped out of the contest; the ball joint of his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 broke down.
Other 3 competitors dropped out of the race at Special Stage 02 – Boykovo. Hristo Stoilov with Subaru Impreza had a broken clutch, Dancho Todorov with Citroen Saxo went out of the road and hit a concrete block and, as a result, bent a half-shaft. The car has slight suspension-troubles but the crew is unimpaired.
Ivan Marinov also had troubles: “One of my shock absorbers has blocked and is hardening. That is why I don’t dare to speed up.”

The first day of the 33rd Hebros Rally is over

The first day of the 33rd Hebros Rally is over. An indisputable leader with 8 special stages won is the 2003 national champion Krum Donchev. The crew Jasen Popov, Dilian Popov is 1:47.7 minutes behind him and third is the crew Dancho Danchev, Zlatan Iliev.

Krum: I enjoy this rally a lot. We gained much advantage today. The tactics for tomorrow will be to stake on a safe speed, which (if everything is all right) to lead us to a successful finish.

Jasen: I like this competition very much. Unfortunately, at the SS 06 there was a fraction on the road, which played us a practical joke. The car went out of the road and we run in the audience. Everything finished without troubles and damages to us or to the viewers. Because of this accident we lost only time but in the next two stages we made up for it. The Hebros Rally is my favorite competition because the road is very fast and technical.

Dancho: The contest will go on for us tomorrow and while some will stabilize their speed, we will keep it up but we will be careful.

Start of the Second Day

At SS 09 – Peshtera, the rally was terminated for nearly 30 minutes. The crew Kostadin Shterev, Petar Shterev with Fiat Palio crashed. The car rolled over but the crew is unimpaired.

Jasen Popov out of the competition

At the 15,54 kilometer-long SS 10 – Sv. Konstantin, the crew Jasen Popov, Dilian Popov with Citroen Saxo S 1600 dropped out of the competition. After going out of the road, the crew had a front-suspension break-down. As a result, the crew discontinued its participation.

The crew Dancho Danchev, Zlatan Iliev did not enter Regrouping

The crew Dancho Danchev, Zlatan Iliev did not enter Regrouping but went directly in the Service zone. They decided on their own to discontinue their participation because they were certain they would be disqualified. This dropping out places Georgi Geradjiev currently second with 3:08.8 minutes behind Krum Donchev.

At SS 14 Ivan Marinov with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 had a puncture but continues.

Rally Hebros 2004, East ERC - coeff.5
Final Official Classification

1 Krum DONCHEV/Stoyko VALCHEV, Peugeot 306 Maxi, A/7 2.06:04.2
2 Georgi GERADJIEV/Nikola POPOV, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7, N/4 +2:48.2
3 Dimitar ILIEV/Yanaki Yanakiev, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7, N/4 +2:51.6
4 Georgi TANEV/Rumen MANOLOV, Subaru Impreza STI, N/4 +5:22.2
5 Ivan MARINOV/Stefan CHOLAKOV, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6, N/4 +8:00.3
6 Stoyan APOSTOLOV/Pavlina APOSTOLOVA, Ford Escort, N/4 +10:56.8
7 Hristo PARASHKEVOV/Detelin HRISTOV, Fiat Palio, A/6 +13:47.5
8 Plamen STAYKOV/Alexandar BLAGOEV, Renault Clio Sport, N/3 +14:41.3
9 Tural METKOV/Teodora POPOVA, Fiat Palio, A/6 +15:04.3
10 Georgi BELCHEV/Elian NIKOLOV, Renault Clio, N/3 +15:21.3
11 Emil DENEV/Valentin BONEV, Opel Corsa, N/2 +19:35.2
12 Sava DIMITROV/Krasimir MEHANDJISKI, Daihatsu Charade, A/5 +20:33.8
13 Martin STOYCHEV/Alexander DIMITROV, Opel Corsa, N/2 +21:21.2
14 Venelin RANGELOV/Blagoi ATANASOV, Fiat Tipo, N/3 +21:56.4
15 Ivan IVANOV/Rumen KRASTEV, Citroen Xsara, N/3 +23:33.7
16 Ilia VALCHEV/Stoyan TZONEV, VAZ 21083, A/6 +24:22.6
17 Pavel SLAVOV/Slav SLAVOV, VAZ 21083, A/6 +25:58.0
18 Mihail ANGELOV/Ionka ANGELOVA, VAZ 21074, A/6 +29:55.8
19 Valentin BUDINOV/Ivan BUDINOV, VAZ 2105, A/5 +32:18.7
20 Nikolay KORTELOV/Nasko TZONEV, Opel Corsa, N/2 +32:49.9
21 Martin SURILOV/Zdravko ZDRAVKOV, Opel Astra, N/3 +37:36.7
22 Alexander HRISTOV/Lukan MISHEV, Zastava Yugo, A/5 +39:17.6
23 Ivan IVANOV/Ignat ISAEV, Skoda Octavia, N/3 +39:25.9
24 Baicho NENOV/Kiril ICHERENSKI, Peugeot 106, N/2 +45:13.0


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