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10 2003 - 18:30
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The 558-kilometre 6-th stage "El Kharga-Baharija" was leaved a bitter taste for Team Nissan Dessoude, that of disappointment. The event leader, Kenjiro Shinozuka, was forced to retire from the event, betrayed by mechanical problems. Indescribably from that, a magnificent podium at the foot of the Sphinx, and the joy of sharing the win with the whole Nissan Dessoude team... what better way to close this beautiful adventure?

Having set the 7-th time this morning, and very relieved to have got to the end, Yves Loubet was delighted : "I am really very, very happy ... I have only taken part in six rally raids so far, and this victory is wonderful. But it was not a picnic, and we have come back from quite a distance. When we stopped yesterday, alone on the track, we really thought it was all over. The minutes ticked over, and there was no one around. Finally, it was Tempestini who got us out of trouble. That is really the Rally Raid spirit !

Today I was a bit nervous and wondered what else could go wrong ... and of course, something did ! We got stuck in the sand and Jacky had to put a lot of effort into digging us out. I am pleased to be able to celebrate our first win in this category with him. He has been perfect throughout the race and I really have enjoyed spending this week in his company. I would also like to thank Andre (Dessoude) for his support and professionalism, but also Kenjiro Shinozuka. To have such a team-mate allows you to see things differently. Kenjiro is an excellent 'marker' for me. We often drove together on the track and he really impressed me. He has been able to bring his experience and competence to the team. For me, the next big event will be the Dakar, of course, but before then we will have to prepare as much as possible. This year it will be a real' Dakar and we have to get to the end. Before then, I am going to savour this victory..."

Andre Dessoude, very pleased to be on the top step of the podium for the Rally of the Pharaohs for the third time, is however sad that Kenjiro Shinozuka was not there as well. A one-two would have been perfect. But no matter, Andre can be delighted with the performance of the student Mitsuhashi, who has emerged quite well form his Egyptian week. He finished 9th in the overall classification and was full of enthusiasm.

Rally Pharaons: Final Standing


Press Release
Team Nissan Dessoude, 5.10.2003


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